Melania Trump Appears To Have Saved Donald Trump From Another Botched Bill Signing

Video going viral shows first lady Melania Trump giving him a helpful reminder.

A video going viral on social media appears to show first lady Melania Trump having to remind President Donald Trump to sign a bill targeting the country’s opioid crisis as he began walking away from the signing ceremony.

Trump spoke about how the bipartisan legislation would address the nation’s deadly epidemic in the White House East Room on Wednesday. But after finishing his address, he appeared to turn to leave without inking it into law.

Trump’s wife redirected him to where he eventually signed the bill, amid laughter from those in attendance.

Footage of the incident soon trended on Twitter:

Last year, Trump actually walked out of the Oval Office without signing two executive orders.

That footage also went viral, and inspired this “Veep”-style parody:

Trump declared the opioid crisis “a national emergency” in 2017.

“Together we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in America,” Trump said at Wednesday’s signing. “We are going to end it or we are at least going to make a big dent into this terrible, terrible problem.”