Twitter Users Taunt 'Spineless' Ted Cruz For Bowing To Donald Trump After 2016 Insults

The Texas senator was mocked for bowing to the president, who used to call him "Lyin' Ted."

As President Donald Trump visited Texas to stump for Sen. Ted Cruz, an old picture of the pair went viral again. And it was not for reasons Cruz would appreciate.

The September 2017 photo showed Cruz bowing his head as he shook hands with Trump, who was visiting the state after Hurricane Harvey. But to many, it also highlighted just how dramatically their relationship had changed. The two were bitter rivals for the presidential nomination in 2016, with Trump slamming Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted,” mocking the senator’s wife and falsely linking his father to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

When Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention that summer, he didn’t endorse Trump.

Now, with Cruz firmly on Team Trump in an effort to obtain the president’s help in his reelection campaign, the old photo received new attention:

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