11 Common-Sense Rules To Follow On Your Next Vacation

We've already showed you how you're traveling "wrong," and after some recent events (cough, Knee Defender, cough), we feel like we have to highlight the extremely small portion of people who are really just doing it wrong.

Granted, they'll probably never read this anyway. But let's all take this time to review some basic travel rules:

1. Remember to shower.

Someone once escaped a shower for four weeks before boarding a flight and promptly got kicked off.

To the people that have actually done this, THIS is why we can't have nice things.

3. Think twice about love locks. love locks

Love locks aren't always looked upon as beauteous symbols of romance and can actually weigh down bridges.

4. Stay away from socks and sandals. socks and sandals

Vacations are an excuse to do a lot of things, but please don't do this.

5. Don't take a selfie every five seconds.

People like you are the reason that selfie stands -- and temporary blindness -- exist.

6. Keep the legroom rage to yourself.

Nobody wants to be that person who diverts an entire flight for the sake of their kneecaps.

7. Think. Before. You tweet at the airlines.

You might accidentally expose yourself as a total doofus. Or get arrested. Or you might see something unfathomably worse and NSFW.

8. Wear sunscreen.

You're a human, not a lobster.

9. Remember, you might be on camera.

Thanks to live tourist feeds, things like today's 10-minute selfie session could become tomorrow's Internet laughingstock.

10. Keep the carry-on luggage to half the size of your closet.

Trying to bring a suitcase the size of your body will definitely frazzle -- if not totally piss off -- your fellow passengers.

11. Live in the moment.

The joy of travel is in unplugging from the "real" world and embracing the now. GO FOR IT!

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