Drink Pairings for 21 Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is quite possibly the greatest social event there is. What other time of year can a bunch of adults get together, don incredible costumes and throw booze and candy into the mix? But before you get into all that, make sure your drink is costume appropriate!

Here's the drink that should be in your hand at this year's Halloween party, depending on the costume you choose to wear.

Cheers to all things that are spooky.

For the Ladies
The Classic Witch - Grasshopper

A witches brew made in heaven, the grasshopper is sweeter than terrorizing little girls and their dogs. Plus, it's one of the only drinks that is as mean and green as you are.

While no drink can compete with being as sweet as you in this costume, a glorious Riesling will die trying. Your mother was wrong, you can never have too much sugar.

A wine that's as super sweet as you are, ice wine is just the drink you need to channel your inner royalty. If anybody looks at you weird for enjoying this dessert delicacy, tell them to let it go.

Classic and sophisticated but still super sassy, the extra dirty martini will be the perfect accessory for your speakeasy approved look. A little party never killed nobody.

As a disco diva, one must boogie-oogie-oogie till they just can't boogie no more. Dance until the sun comes up with this colorful cocktail.

When you're in the "big house," you have to make due with what you have on hand. Bonus points to drinking it out of a 2-liter bottle and make sure to stay away from creepy guys with weird mustaches.

Dia De Los Muertos - Bloody Mary

It may be the "Day of the Dead" but this party is alive and well. Swapping vodka for tequila in your Bloody Mary will take you south of the border in the best way.

Only one wine is good enough for a beautiful goddess such as yourself, so uncork some liquid gold and enjoy White Burgundy. Plus, it totally brings out the glitter in your glorious headband.

For The Gentlemen
Vampire - Zinfandel

While this costume may be forever damaged by the "Twilight" craze, that doesn't mean all vampires sparkle. One thing we know for sure, quality vampires love good wine--so don't be let down by those tween knockoffs.

Are you afraid of the dark? We all know how these movies end. Just grab a beer and pray you survive until the morning.

With a cigar in one hand and a glass of Chianti in the other, you'll be walking into the party like you own the place. Those who challenge you better beware or they might end up with a surprise next to them in bed the next morning...

The Hot Toddy isn't just for colds, this drink is the hottest thing to come out of Alice's dreams. Just don't drink too many or you may lose your head.

One sip of this and you'll go bananas. Just hold on tight to your dignity as you split your time between parties. We crack ourselves up.

The most classic costume of all time needs a drink that can keep up with the fame. For once, let's hope we do get pulled over.

We know you didn't come to this party intending to drink. When the cottonmouth kicks in though, drink up and keep a box of Scooby Snacks by your side at all times.

Ollie Ostrich - Long Island Iced Tea

If you're wearing this costume, your goal for this Halloween party is clear. Take hold of the drink that will get you there. Don't worry about a ride home, Ollie the Ostrich will take care of it.

This costume is charged up to the max. If you and your partner are donning this out to the party, you need a drink that will keep the spark going all night long. Just keep it PG please.

Classic wine, meet classic sandwich. A match made in heaven, just like the two of you, you have everything you need for the perfect night. Well, everything but more wine.

For The Daring
Donald Trump - Manhattan

Whether or not you decide to sex up your Donald Trump costume is your prerogative. However, the key feature you need to complete this outstanding costume is a "Made in America" Manhattan. Drink every time you shout "you're fired" at someone.

Box of Wine - Box of Wine

You know what they say, you are what you drink. You'll definitely be the life of the party, just don't let anybody try to slap you.

Sheet Ghost - Absinthe

Mysterious, to the point, and ready for a terrifyingly great time, this costume is a classic. You probably didn't shell out a lot of cash on your costume, which leaves more money for the important stuff--booze. Shell out for some Absinthe and let the Green Fairy take you away.