Democratic Fundraising Committee Outraises Republican Counterpart

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has announced another strong fundraising month, reporting its most successful April in the fundraising committee's history.

The DSCC reported raking in $6.3 million dollars in April, as compared to its Republican counterpart's $6 million haul. The April drive brought the Democratic committee to a fundraising total of $80.4 million for the 2014 election cycle, outraising the National Republican Senatorial Committee by $21.2 million.

DSCC executive director Guy Cecil echoed a concern already voiced by a number of leading Democrats during the 2014 election cycle: Republicans in the Senate are answering to the billionaire Koch brothers, not middle class Americans.

“Republican Senate candidates bought and paid for by billionaire special interests are hell-bent on pushing an agenda that’s good for the Koch Brothers but bad for middle class families across the country," he said.

Cecil added that the Democratic committee relies on the support of its donors to combat Koch-backed attack ads.

"The Kochs are continuing their unprecedented onslaught of false attack ads aimed at boosting these Republicans, but Democrats are prepared to counter their millions with the support of thousands of generous donors across the country and a strong grassroots network determined to fight back. We are grateful to our supporters who care about having a Senate that fights for the middle class because we need them to help fund the grassroots operations we need to be successful," he said.

Democrats will fight to keep the majority in the Senate in November. Republicans need to pick up six seats in the general election if they hope to take that majority from Senate Democrats.



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