Elon Musk Dodges Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Suggestion He Backs Anti-Abortion Law

Musk said he doesn't believe government should "impose its will" on people, which appears to be a major part of the anti-abortion law.

Elon Musk sure didn’t sound like he backed the new abortion ban in Texas, even though Gov. Greg Abbott (R) indicated it was the kind of “social policy” that the billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder supports.

In an interview on CNBC, Abbott talked up Texas politics, including the new anti-abortion law that prohibits abortions — even in the case of rape or incest — after just six weeks, which is before most people know they’re pregnant. The law also offers a bounty to anti-abortion vigilantes who sue those “aiding or abetting” abortion care.

When asked about a Forbes poll that said two-thirds of college-educated workers would not live in a state with such a restrictive anti-abortion law, Abbott dismissed the survey and said Texas “social policies” like the abortion ban attract business owners, like Elon Musk.

Abbott claimed Musk had moved Tesla and SpaceX operations from California because he prefers the way things are done in Texas.

But in a statement posted on Twitter after the interview, Musk appeared to have a different perspective:

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