Elon Musk Muses About 'Moderate' Third Party After Saying He's Voting Republican Next Time

"A party more moderate on all issues than either Reps or Dems would be ideal," Musk tweeted after vowing to vote GOP.

After tweeting on Wednesday that he’s going to vote Republican for the first time in the next election cycle, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday then floated the idea of a third party.

He tweeted that another party more “moderate on issues” than either the Democrats or Republicans would be “ideal.”

Critics weren’t buying it. If moderation is what Musk is looking for in politics, many argued, the insurrectionist Republican Party doesn’t seem like a rational fallback.

Musk’s party hopping and the snarky responses he was getting on Twitter upset his mom.

“Poor Elon is trending,” Maye Musk tweeted Wednesday, wondering how critics with so few followers could dare be “malicious” about her son. She suggested — wait for it — that Twitter must be under-reporting the number of bots.

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