Elon Musk Plans To Dump 'Block' Feature On Twitter, And People Are Pissed

The billionaire said his site will largely prevent users from blocking the accounts of others, claiming that the feature “makes no sense.”

Elon Musk’s latest plan for Twitterer, X — apparently focuses on pissing off a large number of users.

The man-child mogul announced on Friday that the site would be largely dumping the “block” feature that allows users to heavily restrict interactions with the accounts of others, claiming that “It makes no sense.”

Musk said that users would still be able to block direct messages from others and to mute accounts, which hides a person’s tweets from a user’s timeline.

People can also set their accounts to “private,” meaning they would get a request when new people want to follow them, and can approve or deny it.

One account on Musk’s site, X News Daily, tried to explain to the billionaire that muting “isn’t a full replacement for blocking.” It also noted that “blocking is more of a service to your followers to stop them seeing harassment, spam etc” and “also prevents someone from quote-posting you to direct harassment your way.”

Musk didn’t take such suggestions seriously, instead insisting that people use the mute feature.

As a result, Twitter users weren’t mute about their dissatisfaction with Musk’s seemingly arbitrary decree.

No word on when the block feature will be dropped. As of Friday afternoon, the social media site still had a page explaining how to block and unblock accounts.

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