Hey, Emmys: The Dividing Of Our Country Is Not A Joke

I’m sorry, but I have a big problem with the Emmys allowing Sean Spicer to use his role as chief peddler of chaos, discord, and lies in the worst administration this country has ever seen to cash in on fame and fortune on their program, as if the madness of the past nine months adds up to nothing more than a prime time punch line.

That goes double for Sarah Huckabee, as she seems to actually believe the shit she shovels on a daily basis, whereas, if Spicer had any redeeming quality it was his inability to hide his disdain for the words coming out of his mouth. Almost like the guy in Roman times who was forced to make known Caligula Caesar’s pronouncements with a spear at his back.

I don’t have anything against Spicer personally, but keep in mind, what we are currently witnessing is not your average abnormally bad administration. And we’ve seen some pretty bad ones. This guy chose to play an active role in the 24-7 “fake news” cycle of a racist, catastrophically dangerous, and potentially criminal, administration whose only objective is to play three card monte with the facts, undo important policies put in place to protect the rights of immigrants, minorities, gays, women, the poor, the environment, etc., and Spicer acted as the complacent palace guard ― spinning and spinning and spinning until a 10-minute press conference felt like we’d just spent a week at Soul Cycle.

The Emmys allowing this guy, or any of the complacent zombies/sycophants in the Trump administration who pull the ripcord after the damage is done, is tantamount to legitimizing/condoning their inexcusably reprehensible behavior while representing the highest office in the land. It would be one thing if it were a few years after Trump and his lackeys are long gone, and possibly imprisoned. It’s another to do it while we are still smack dab in the middle of the bullshit being put forth for us to swallow on a daily basis.

That would be like The Grammys bringing Gordon Liddy on to introduce the band the day after the Watergate scandal breaks.

There should be a rule: If you knowingly participate in the destruction of our democracy, you should never be allowed to profit from it once your tenure as a cog in the wheel of insanity ends. Kind of the like the Wolf of Wall Street suit. Punishment for a lack of character.

At least Scaramucci, whose tenure was shorter than the lifespan of a housefly, had his feet held to the flame by an angry Colbert. But to see the two of them yacking it up on The Emmys, as if the past nine months were all some big joke, is pretty disconcerting. Even Melissa McCarthy was like, “Uh, no.”

What does it say if you can set off a molotov cocktail of untruths, lies, and hate and then turn a profit from it? Oh, wait. I know. Politics. Pathetic.