Universal Law #2: 'Give to Receive'

As I stood at the water's breaking edge, I gazed at the continuous ebb and flow of the tide as it crashed against the rocks. It reminded me of the constant giving and receiving flow of energy found in our universe.
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Article three in a series of six -- "How to Manifest Anything You Desire".

As I stood at the water's breaking edge, I gazed at the continuous ebb and flow of the tide as it crashed against the rocks. It reminded me of the constant giving and receiving flow of energy found in our universe. I posit that it is our willingness to give what we wish to receive that keeps the abundance of our existence circulating in our lives. Much the way blood must be circulated throughout our bodies in order for the various limbs and organs to function, we must circulate energy in the direction of what we wish to attract into our lives.

The universe acts in dynamic reciprocal. Nothing stands still. The flows of our life situation, money, romance, our health, are all mirrors of our flow of energy in harmonious interaction with our field of existence. Our bodies, our minds, our thoughts, are all in constant and dynamic exchange with the forces of the universe. We are able to accelerate/maintain this exchange by giving exactly what it is we wish to receive. The term "affluence," or affluere, means to flow in abundance. Money is symbolic for energy. It is a form of energy. Like the word "current" when referring to water, currency is a reflection of the term money and its function. It allows an efficient exchange of energy. Hence to hoard or to stop the flow of energy by stopping the flow of money out of our lives mean to stop the flow coming in. Circulation and investing one's energy allows the flow to remain alive and the life and body surrounding it healthy. Giving engenders receiving. If you stop the flow of either you derail your life from its alignment with nature's universal laws and principles.

The more you give, the more you will receive. Even a simple prayer or thought directs energy. It is a form of giving. A simple prayer, a showing of appreciation are ways of directing energy outward. The intention behind the thought must be to create happiness or joy for the giver and the receiver. Like the ebb and tide of the ocean, what goes out always comes back. In fact, the return is always directly proportional to the giving when unconditional and from the heart. More importantly, the thought behind the giving has to be joyful. As a result, the energy behind the gift increases exponentially with each unit of joy. We are bundles of consciousness energy connected with every other bundle of consciousness. Any movement or thought has a ripple effect, touching everyone and everything.

A thought is refined electrical impulse that also interacts with source energy. A thought has the power to transform that which it remains focused on. This includes bringing matter into existence while attracting the right people, situations, and material goods in response to one's desire.

How to apply this in your own life:

If you want joy, give joy to others. If you want love, give love; attention, give appreciation. If you seek affluence, seek to help others become materially affluent. This principle applies to all bundles of energy, including corporations, individuals, families, and nations. If you want to be blessed, learn to silently bless others. Our bodies, when reduced to their essence, become bundles of energy and data. We are consciousness. Life is like a dance choreographed by the laws and principles I am speaking of in my books and these articles. To understand how to dance, we must hear the music, we must respond to the ebb and flow found in the cycles of nature. We activate this flow by giving what we wish to receive.

As you come into contact with another person, make a conscious decision to give of yourself. It can be a flower, a compliment, or a prayer. The most powerful gift is non-material. Caring attention and appreciation are all forms of love. Love comes from inspiration, from spirit vs. ego. When we come from love we activate the most powerful law, principle available to us as humans. Make a decision to give wherever you go.

We are naturally abundant, and affluence is our natural state. We lack nothing because our essential nature is one of pure potential. By directing our thoughts, we can initiate the exchange in any area of our lives. Conversely, by not giving love, trust, appreciation, we allow stagnation to occur and the flow stops, and the complexity and quality of our life experience suffers. As you begin to align from a point of spirit with the rest of the world, you will begin to observe the synchronicities as you point your thoughts, actions and currency in the direction of your desires. As you give, you will see the flow return and your faith in the process I am referring to will grow exponentially as you experience the synchronicities. The more you do this, the better you get at it. At some point, your ability to manifest becomes second nature. At that point, the game changes and you begin enter yet another level of existence. It is an existence where you are one with source energy and it becomes not so much what you desire, but how you deal with the new manifestations as they flow effortlessly into your life.

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This article is dedicated to the lovely Thayamara. One of the most loving, kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing. My constant teacher....

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The information in this post is based on Deepak Chopra's book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.

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