This Father-Son Self-Care Video Is Peak Black Boy Joy

Eric Ellis teaches his son how to moisturize in the most adorable video.

Good grooming habits start early. 

That’s why Eric Ellis wanted to show his son, Faruq Ade Ellis, one version of self-care in an Instagram video that’s making its rounds on the internet. In the video, aptly titled “The Art of Moisture,” Ellis teaches his 20-month-old how to properly apply lotion and coconut oil to his skin and hair. Young Faruq watches his dad and follows suit, moisturizing his little legs.

Because of Them We Can posted the video on its Instagram account on Friday and it has been watched more than 30,000 times since. 

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Ellis, whose family is bicoastal and lives in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, told HuffPost that it was important for him to start making videos of some intimate moments he shares with Faruq.

“I lost my father when I was a young boy, and I don’t have many memories of him,” he said via email. “I decided to start documenting our [family’s] life for two reasons: 1. It’s awesome, and 2. to be able to leave behind these memories for my son once I’m gone.”

Ellis said that teaching his son that his overall health is a priority is key. 

“I want him to understand its importance to the degree that it’s not even an option. His mother is very much on top of setting a standard for his diet, and my showing him about his male grooming is the other component to complete that self-care,” he said.

Ellis’ self-care lessons for his son don’t stop at grooming. In an adorable video he posted on Instagram late June, Faruq joins his mom and dad’s yoga session. Ellis told HuffPost that Faruq, who just got his first yoga mat, joins their practice at his own will.

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Ellis said that he emphasizes the importance of self-care for his son not only by teaching him but also through leading by example: “The biggest thing I’ve learned thus far is that being proactive about my health as a black father is the best insurance I can provide to my family.” 



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