Fox News Gets Cut Off After Asking Mayorkas A Total Fox News Question At Super Bowl Presser

A blocker stepped in for the Homeland Security secretary when a reporter for the conservative channel made the query.

Officials at a Super Bowl press conference Wednesday in Las Vegas cut off a Fox News reporter grilling Alejandro Mayorkas about the House’s failed vote to impeach him. A leading question may have triggered the action. (Watch the video below.)

Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, was there to discuss protective measures for the game but the subject turned to the Republicans’ stunning defeat by a thin margin in their attempt to impeach him.

“How do you feel this morning after narrowly avoiding impeachment yesterday?” Matt Finn of Fox News asked.

“Oh, I’ve, I’ve answered this question before and I’ll gladly answer it again,” Mayorkas replied. “The allegations are baseless and I’m focused on the work, which was what brings me to Las Vegas today.”

Finn said that Republicans may have the numbers the next time to impeach him and asked: “If that happened, would you consider stepping aside?”

“No, I would not,” Mayorkas answered despite the provocative nature of the question.

Finn attempted to ask another but an official could be heard stopping him.

In an exchange with another reporter about the Senate’s inability to pass a bipartisan border security bill, Mayorkas conceded the immigration system was “broken” but felt the proposal provided solutions.

“We need Congress to act, and we are hopeful that Congress will do so,” he said.

The Senate GOP rejected a bill directed by one of their own, Sen. James Lankford, after clamoring for action on the migrant situation for so long.

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