Lisa Kudrow Shares Heartwarming 'Friends' Reunion Moment That Passed Her By On Set

An emotional exchange between Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc went under the radar.

Friends” star Lisa Kudrow has revealed her favorite part of the recent reunion special – and it’s a moment that might have passed many viewers by completely.

Kudrow recently reunited with the rest of the “Friends” cast after 17 years for a one-off nostalgic special, which saw the group reminiscing about their time making the hit sitcom.

Reflecting on filming in a recent interview with E! News, the Emmy-winning actor shared one of her favorite moments from the episode, which highlighted just how close-knit the cast has remained.

“Courteney [Cox] comes in and bursts into tears,” Kudrow said. “And then, I grab a napkin, or a tissue [and Matt] LeBlanc takes it, because he’s telling a story and doesn’t want to skip a beat, and starts dabbing her eyes, just on automatic.”

“And yeah, that’s who we were,” she added.

Kudrow said the moment didn’t resonate with her at the time, and it was only when David Schwimmer pointed it out to her when they watched the episode back together that she realized what had gone on.

As well as interviews with the six principal cast members, the “Friends” reunion featured appearances from supporting stars like James Michael Tyler, Maggie Wheeler, Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles.

There were also cameos from famous “Friends” fans like Lady Gaga, who performed Phoebe Buffay’s signature song Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow, and Justin Bieber, who took part in a “Friends”-themed fashion show.

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