George And Amal Clooney Only Have Eyes For Each Other At 'Hail, Caesar!' Premiere

The couple is working overtime to be your new #relationshipgoals.

Despite the screaming fans and flashing lights, George Clooney was only interested in one thing -- his brilliant and stunning wife, Amal.

The couple, who is working overtime to be your new #relationshipgoals, only had eyes for each other at the premiere of the actor's new movie "Hail, Caesar!" on Monday night in Los Angeles.

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The couple, who tied the knot in Venice, Italy, in 2014, still appeared to be in the honeymoon stage as they walked the red carpet hand in hand, staringlongingly at one another.

Part of that may have to do with the fact that they are both big deals in their respective fields -- and just as Amal supports the 54-year-old actor on the red carpet, he loves to talk about her accomplishments as a human rights lawyer.

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"The president of the Maldives was let out of prison, because of a lot of the hard work that [Amal] was doing," the actor told The Telegraph at the Good Money Gala in Amsterdam on Jan. 26. "She's had a very good week."

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Meanwhile, while Amal continues to look the part of a movie star, she has no interest in the kind of fame her husband has achieved, she told NBC News in her first American interview last month.

"I think it's wonderful celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy or the spotlight that they have to raise awareness about these causes," she said. "I don't really see myself in the same way because I'm still doing the same job that I used to do before. So if there's more attention paid, for whatever reason, to that, then I think that's good."

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