George Conway Says 1 Brutal Thing Needs To Happen To GOP

Republicans have “addicted themselves” to Donald Trump’s lies like crack and the party is "gone," said the conservative attorney.

Conservative attorney George Conway offered a damning assessment of the current GOP amid mounting legal woes for former President Donald Trump, saying the party is “gone,” “needs to basically be destroyed” and is actually “destroying itself.”

“I don’t think there’s any way that it can be repaired and I think Trump is going to take them down,” Conway, a longtime critic of the former president, said on the latest episode of The Bulwark’s “Beg to Differ” podcast.

Republicans had “addicted themselves” to Trump’s lies like crack, he argued.

“They live off of these lies, the conservative media profits off of these lies, the political consultants profit off of these lies,” he continued. “The congressmen basically make a living selling lies to the American people for contributions and funding, they’re lining their pockets or providing for their necessities of life through their PACs and whatever.”

“There’s no way out, because they basically locked in a certain number of people to these lies,” Conway added. “Ultimately, you’re going to end up with a core of the party that kind of eats itself up, and the rest of the party is just going to fall off and become independent to the extent it hasn’t already.”

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