Georgina Bloomberg And Amanda Hearst Save 88 Puppies In North Carolina

Mayor Bloomberg's youngest daughter, 29-year old Georgina, teamed up with the Humane Society on Wednesday to rescue 88 puppies and a pregnant cat in North Carolina.

City and State reports on the daylong mission to save the animals from their owners accused of keeping them in inhumane conditions after receiving a search and seizure warrant on the property.

Fellow New York socialite and friend of Bloomberg, Amanda Hearst, was also on hand for the daring rescue. In addition to being a saver of puppies, Hearst, the great-granddaughter of publishing giant William Randolph Hearst, was recently ranked as the number 7 "Hottest Billionaire Heiress" by Forbes. Hearst is known to have a $136,000 a year "maintenance cost," which helps the 28-year old keep up with her wardrobe, vacations, and beauty.

The Humane Society's press release gave a shout out to both Georgina and Hearst:

Animal Advocates Amanda Hearst and Georgina Bloomberg were on-site at the rescue. Hearst and Bloomberg are members of Friends of Finn, which is a committee of next generation activists committed to educating the public about puppy mills.

Humane Society director in North Carolina Kim Albourn detailed the undertaking, "This is the seventh puppy mill rescue that The Humane Society of the United States has assisted with in North Carolina in the past 10 months. This cruel industry will persist in our state until our state lawmakers pass much-needed legislation regulating large-scale commercial breeders."

Georgina is a longtime animal lover, having grown up at Gotham North, a 20-acre horse farm upstate and has professionally competed in equestrian competitions for years.

In 2010, Georgina suffered a concussion and fractured spine after falling from her mount at an equestrian tournament.


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