Get the 11 Best Under-$25 Souvenirs From Portland Without Leaving Home

If you left your heart in San Francisco -- along with your ex, Google buses, and tech bros --celebrate the start of something new and infinitely more durable in Portland.
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"Portlandia" may have forever united its namesake and "pinning a bird on [anything]," but the city's design scene has evolved far the craft-glue-and-glitter period skewered on IFC's hit show. Regular viewers who head West in search of brunch lines and food Instagrammers will find plenty of both -- alongside sleek downtown hotels (like downtown's Sentinel, which reopened with fresh branding in March) and a vibrant, ever-more-sophisticated creative life. By all means: Book a ticket. Shop at first-class independent boutiques like Canoe, Alder & Co., The English Dept., Frances May, Odessa, and, come summer, a newly remodeled Powell's, the nation's best independent bookstore. Visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden, hike around Forest Park, and stand in line for Voodoo Doughnuts (the Voodoo Too location at 1501 N.E. Davis Street, with seating and fewer sniping, doughnut-hating passersby than the original).

Until you make the trip, we've collected 11 terrific souvenirs from a great American design city -- buy them all for less than the cost of your checked-bag fees (assuming you travel like a Wes Anderson character.)

Above: the Portland pennant, $20 available in four colors at


2. Ben Jacobsen's sea salt is so beloved by world-class chefs that the Michelin-starred April Bloomfield endorsed it on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" midway through preparing mushy peas and sausage rolls. Jacobsen Salt Co. Flake Finishing Sea Salt, $12.95


3. Portland glass artist Lynn Read crafts these unique salt dishes from the excess from larger pieces. Lynn Read salt dishes, $14.95


4. Portland Apothecary Soap's Sea variety, with eucalyptus and seaweed, smells divine. Sea soap, $9


5. A sunny take on a rainy city. Portland Rain Color Kids Tee, $24


6. This soy and beeswax candle offers the loveliest aromas of camping -- bacon and campfire -- without the hassle of actually going into the woods. Wolf's Apothecary Eternal Flame candle in Lumberjack Camp, $22


7. This beautifully illustrated book was created by paper-cut artist Hannah Viano, who lives in Seattle -- but let's not hold her hometown against her: The animals covered within, beginning with the anemone, are native to the entire region. "S Is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet," $11.89


8. A thoroughly modern update on the classic lucky horseshoe, with a choice of nine colors for the leather tie. Porcelain horseshoe from Caravan Pacific, $18


9. If you left your heart in San Francisco -- along with your ex, Google buses, and tech bros --celebrate the start of something new and infinitely more durable in Portland, with this ring from local designer Monika Reed's Favor line. Infinity ring, $22


10. Designer Archie Archambault was an unemployed 22-year-old with a philosophy degree when he first moved to Portland -- but a chance encounter with a lonely letterpress kickstarted his line of minimalist neighborhood maps. Portland neighborhood postcard, $6.50


11. Even if you're fresh out of leather boots that need weather-proofing, you can still support favorite local brand Otter Wax -- with this pie-scented, pleasingly unisex lip balm. Apple Cider lip balm, $5.95

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