That Time 'Gilmore Girls' Spoke Political Truth, And How It Came To Haunt Us In 2016

In under a minute, the show perfectly sums up the absurdity of the presidential campaign -- 14 years ahead of time.
Long before Hillary Clinton ran for president, "Gilmore Girls" was tackling serious issues like the double standard&nbsp
Long before Hillary Clinton ran for president, "Gilmore Girls" was tackling serious issues like the double standard for women in politics.

Whoever is writing the script for the 2016 election appears to be ripping off “Gilmore Girls.”

In 2002, the show offered some biting political commentary in the second season’s finale, “I Can’t Get Started.” In the episode, Rory’s frenemy Paris Geller runs for student body president, and the fictional election sounds eerily familiar. 

Remind you of anyone?

Geller’s struggle sounds a lot like the challenges Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has faced. 

In the “Gilmore Girls” scene, Geller’s friends explain that the latest polls (sample size: 150 students) don’t look good. Voters think she is the most competent candidate, but they’re turned off because of her “likability problem.”

Geller seems baffled by the idea that being the most qualified among the budding politicians isn’t enough to win over her classmates.  

“That’s crazy. You mean people would rather vote for a moronic twink who they liked over someone who could actually do the job?” she says.

Sad but true, her friends shrug, and then suggest her best chance of winning is if her rival is involved in a sex scandal.  

If you need more proof that “Gilmore Girls” is a little too accurate, just look back earlier in the second season, when the show insults 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Lorelai refers to him as a “cigar-chomping, dirty-dealing city slicker.

Nobody’s saying you should use “Gilmore Girls” plot points to try to predict the outcome of the election. But for reference, Paris does win over her classmates at Chilton Preparatory School, with Rory coming along as her vice president.

Fun fact: If you start watching the first episode of “Gilmore Girls” this weekend and binge-watch without stopping, by the time you finish the entire series, it will be Wednesday ― and this long and horrifying election season will hopefully finally be over.



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