Self-Described 'God' Jumps From Balcony, Bleeds Just Like Anyone Else Would

For a "god," he sure bled like a mere mortal.

A Murfreesboro, Tenn. man who allegedly took synthetic drugs caused a stir when he jumped from an apartment balcony to "prove he was a god," The Murfreesboro Post reported Sunday.

In his incident report, Murfreesboro Police Officer Carl Wilkins wrote that the 24-year-old Georgia man was covered in blood when he arrived on the scene. Wilkins said the man, who made "strange utterances and had severe cuts [on his body]," suddenly "got up and jumped off the second-floor balcony."

According to police, the man had already claimed he was a god and jumped from the third floor after punching out several other windows. He also demanded he have a rocket so he could "fly to the farthest star."

Officers detained the man after he jumped from the second floor, and notified emergency medical services. Wilkins said that the man kept trying to hurt himself, and yelled for officers to kill him with a "shotgun to the face."

The man was to the hospital for injuries sustained in his multiple falls. His drugs were confiscated and he was issued misdemeanor citations.

Synthetic drugs almost always guarantee a bad time.

A West Virginia man who took bath salts in August went on a naked rampage, the Charleston Daily Mail reported. Seth Montgomery Easter, 23, tried to get on a moving car while "naked as a jaybird," according to Sgt. Greg Losh.

"Crazy Clown," a form of synthetic marijuana, sent eight people to the hospital in Georgia back in August.

A witness who claimed his nephew and friends tried the synthetic drug said he saw "three girls foaming out the mouth [and] one rolling around on the ground," and said that his nephew was unable to walk after taking it.



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