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Googling Joe the Plumber

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Joe the Plumber came up in tonight's debate at least 23 times.

So naturally, reporters who haven't already attempted to track down Joe Wurzelbacher were doing so right at 10:30. Here's what popped up on a Google search for the Ohio man's name: sponsored links from the McCain campaign and RNC.

A "Joe the Plumber" search brings up McCain, RNC and union SEIU links.

I think this Joe the Plumber might be making some good money in the coming days.

I noted earlier the Republicans also have bought sponsored Google links for a search on ACORN. A quick spot check shows the RNC's "Barack Book" comes up in a Google search for Obama Ayers.

Even more interesting, a search for "Obama muslim" (keying off false email rumors - he is Christian) finds both the RNC and McCain have sponsored links.

Here's a larger image:

UPDATE, 11:30 P.M.: A half-hour later, Joe the Plumber's worth has increased - among travel agents and yellow page ads - and Obama has also bought his name.

Also worth noting, the more searched a term is on Google, the more expensive it is to buy these ads. So I wonder if McCain will be quickly priced out?

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