Grandkid Finds Vintage Hollywood Treasures In Grandma's Estate

You thought you knew grandma... but turns out, she was hiding a secret all along, or so one grandkid found out recently. A Reddit user shared the stunning scrapbook they found in their grandma's estate after her passing.

It turns out, grandma was quite the Hollywood "fangirl" in the 1940s and 50s, writing to actors studios asking for stars to send her signed photos. Stars like Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, and Gregory Peck are just some of the dozens of autographed portraits grandma managed to receive with quite some persistence -- she apparently wrote to some studios multiple times, until they relented.

The user writes on Reddit that the family currently has no plans to sell the seemingly valuable collection, Rather, the family wants to keep it to cherish grandma's memory. "She was a kick-ass lady... Nobody has really talked about worth or selling it, as my cousins and I all think it's a cool family treasure. Thank you again for all the sympathies. Call your grandparents and chat them up, if you still have them. Bums me out I can't ask her about any of this scrapbook. I miss her every day," Reddit user rumpie writes.

Check out some of the amazing collection below.



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