Helicopter Whips Row Of Porta-Potties Up Into The Air

Reams of toilet paper soared high into the sky.

Here's why helicopters should stay the hell away from porta-potties.

A low-flying U.K. Royal Navy chopper got way too close to a line of portable restrooms, and ended up blowing them over with its downwash.

Video going viral shows several temporary outhouses being lifted into the air as the aircraft flies just feet above them on the Dartmoor National Park in southwest England on Friday.

Reams of toilet paper soar high into the sky as the chopper kicks up an enormous dust cloud, presumably also containing human feces and urine from the potties.

The helicopter was one of two lifting field guns in preparation for the "Ten Tors" challenge, in which 2,400 teens from schools and youth groups across southwest England hike up to 55 miles over two days to visit 10 nominated hills.

Phil Rhymes, one of the staff helping students train for the event, caught the incident on camera and posted it to YouTube on Saturday.

"The first helicopter sent up a bit of a dust cloud and knocked over a bin but we never expected what happened next!" he told The Huffington Post. "Fortunately the toilets seemed to be empty at the time and nobody was hurt."

The clip is now going viral, alongside fellow training staff member Laura Knight's footage:

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