Here's Why Clinton Supporters Are Wearing White To The Polls

In case you can't find a pantsuit in time.

Hillary Clinton supporters looking to show their sartorial solidarity with their candidate on Tuesday have one obvious option: the pantsuit, Clinton’s preferred power uniform.

Another option? Wear white.

We voted this weekend! 🇺🇸❤️ #earlyvote #wearwhitetovote

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On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a grassroots campaign is calling for Clinton supporters to #WearWhite or #WearWhiteToVote, a nod to the suffragist movement ― and one that the candidate herself appears to have embraced throughout the campaign.

According to The New York Times, the white pantsuit that Clinton wore to accept the Democratic nomination “quietly but clearly” referenced the women’s movement, as white, purple and gold were the official colors of the National Woman’s Party, and many suffragists wore white while fighting for the right to vote. She wore white again during the final presidential debate.

Can't vote tomorrow but I'll certainly be showing my support! #WearWhiteToVote #pantsuit

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Geraldine Ferraro, the first female vice presidential candidate to represent a major political party in the United States, wore white when she accepted the Democratic nomination in the 1980s. 

Some early voters have already embraced the trend. 

Jerry Emmett, a 102-year-old Arizonan who was born before women had the right to vote in the United States, cast her vote for Clinton wearing a white pantsuit, Yahoo News reported

“It’s unofficial, it’s nothing formal,” Clinton supporter Maureen O’Brien of Albany, N.Y. told The Boston Globe. “But it would be nice to see people do it and kind of give a tip of the hat to everything Hillary has gone through this last year and a half.”



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