Homesick Dog Busts Out Of Shelter In Heartbreaking Search For Previous Owner

Ginger jumped out of her kennel and opened three doors in her escape.

A dog took matters into her own paws shortly after being dropped off at an animal shelter in southern California.

A German shepherd named Ginger made her escape on Sept. 17, after staff had left the Apple Valley Animal Shelter for the day. Surveillance cameras captured the almost 3-year-old leaping out of her kennel and opening three separate doors to run outside.

Shelter staff, who initially thought an intruder had triggered the alarm system, were stunned to check security tapes and see Ginger going on the lam. 

Authorities recaptured the determined pup on Tuesday, close to where she used to live. She’s now being held inside a more secure pen at the shelter.

We’ve never had another dog do this,” Gina Whiteside, the shelter’s director of animal services, told the San Bernardino Sun on Friday.

“We’ve had a couple of dogs jump out of the kennel and staff found them right away,” she added. “But we’ve never had one jump out of the kennel, then open three doors and go out the front.”

Ginger’s former owner had left her at the shelter just hours before her great escape. He had become homeless, and realized he wouldn’t be able to live with the dog inside his car. “He was absolutely heartbroken,” Whiteside said.

Animal care officers think Ginger was trying to make her way back to her previous owner. They now hope her incredible escape story will lead to her finding a perfect forever home.