'Houdini' Dog Escapes Humane Society To Go For A Stroll (VIDEO)

No dog wears the moniker of "Houdini" quite like this one.

The sly pup, who became separated from his owners and wound up at a Humane Society location in Colorado, earned the nickname Houdini after escaping from the center last Tuesday during the overnight hours.

Employees of the Humane Society Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs did not realize the 5-year-old Australian Shepherd was missing from his kennel until the next day. That's when they checked security footage.

"He indeed let himself out of the kennel room, and then let himself out of the building," the Humane Society's Gretchen Pressley told local CBS affiliate KKTV 11 News.

It seems a locked kennel and two doors were no match for the dog, who then walked about one mile to a nearby neighborhood. Resident Ashley Heister reportedly spotted the Aussie roaming the streets and returned him to the Humane Society Tuesday with plans to adopt the cunning canine.

The Aussie's original family, however, came forward to claim their lost pooch after seeing the Humane Society's security footage on Facebook, owner Levi Rauch told "Fox & Friends" this week. As it turns out, Houdini's real name is Rope, and he has a habit of running off on his own.

Watch Houdini's escape from the Humane Society in the security footage below.



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