10 Small Changes That'll Make Your Bathroom WAY More Sustainable

Look for bathroom products that are biodegradable, recyclable, water-saving and plastic-free.
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Sometimes sustainability can seem a little intimidating, expensive and even impractical, but it doesn’t have to be. There are actually a lot of easy ways to be less wasteful and plenty of affordable products that can help you practice sustainability.

Consider incorporating double cleansing into your skincare routine, which eliminates the need for makeup wipes that end up in a landfill. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s also better for your skin. While we’re talking beauty, you’ll also want to avoid formulas that contain microbeads, which can end up in the oceans, as well as brands that use a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging.

Another idea is to keep a bucket in your shower or tub to collect any excess water during the last few minutes of bathing —the final rinse, if you will. This “greywater” can be used to water your plants, and makes you conscious of how much water you’re using when you rinse and repeat.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard, and there are a lot of small lifestyle tweaks you can make to turn your bathroom into a sustainable haven. Below, we’ve rounded up some products that’ll get you there, most of which are found on Amazon. Consider scheduling them to arrive on your Amazon Day to cut down on separate shipments. It’s just one more way you make your everyday routine a bit better for the environment.

Take a look below:

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This shower head that conserves water
Save up to 30 percent more water with this low-flow shower head. Find it for $8 on Amazon.
Use washable facial pads instead of cotton pads
These washable organic bamboo cotton rounds can be used to remove makeup and apply skincare products, washed in the laundry and reused. Find them for $14 on Amazon.
Stop buying toilet paper and use a bidet
This non-electric bidet toilet attachment is easy to install, cuts down on toilet paper waste, and cleans your bum much better than paper. Find it for $35 on Amazon.
A waste basket that reminds you to recycle
This iTouchless Dual Compartment Slim Open Top Waste Bin for trash and recyclables is small enough for a bathroom. Find it for $60 on Amazon.
Use compostable trash bags
These compostable bags are made entirely out of biodegradable materials. Find them on for $16 on Amazon.
Order refillable products with reusable containers
These Plaine Products Aluminum Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles can be returned and refilled. Find them for $60 on Amazon.
Use toothpaste tablets instead of plastic tubes of toothpaste
These Bite Toothpaste Bits Mints are zero waste thanks to the reusable glass jars. Find them for $12 on Bite.
Brush with a recyclable toothbrush
These biodegradable bamboo charcoal toothbrushes are a bathroom purchase you can feel good about. Find them for $7 on Amazon. If you prefer a different material, try these Preserve Recycled Toothbrushes made from 100 percent recycled plastics. Find them for $17 on Amazon.
Use an oil cleanser instead of makeup wipes
Soko Glam
Use your fingers and this Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil to melt away makeup instead of wasteful wipes. It's better for your skin and for the environment. Find it for $23 on Soko Glam.
Cut down on products that use plastic packaging
These Ethique Eco-Friendly Bars come in the form of soaps, hair care, deodorant and more. Find them on Amazon for $13 to $28.
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