Women Share All The Exhausting Things They Do To Stay Safe While Running

Women were asked on Twitter how they protect themselves when they go out jogging and their responses highlight a stark reality.

For many people, preparing to go on a jog — or even a walk — isn’t as simple as just getting dressed and heading out the door. They also have to consider the very real possibility of abduction, sexual harassment and assault.

Amanda Deibert, a television and comic book writer, posted on Twitter Wednesday that a “mom group” she belongs to was sharing a thread that listed and recommended the kinds of “protection they take when them when they go out running.”

The reality of being harassed or assaulted by simply moving through the world isn’t anything new for most women. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. And when a 2016 Runner’s World survey asked readers how often they receive unsolicited sexual attention while running, 43% of women responded that they regularly experienced that kind of behavior, compared with 4% of men who responded.

So, Deibert decided to take the conversation to Twitter and asked her large following. “Women: what do you use when you go out running?”

The results not only include helpful safety tips, but also highlight the severity of the threat of sexual harassment and assault. 

Their responses are below.