Humanity Amidst the Horror in Pakistan

When TED's Chris Anderson and I returned last week from our visit to Pakistan's flood zones, we couldn't get out of our heads the faces of the people we'd seen. They comprised the true treasure of Pakistan, the unlimited potential of what it means to be human, stuck in tent villages with no belongings and an uncertain future.

These faces are the best possible answer to the insane indifference so much of the world has shown in response to this crisis, which by any objective measure is one of the worst of this century.

We wanted to spread the word about what we'd seen, so we wrote to one of our heroes Peter Gabriel and he generously agreed to let us use an unforgettable song of his as the soundtrack to a video that will show you the people we met.

We were astounded by the grace and dignity of so many who have lost all of their belongings, yet have the courage to move through another day, every day. Please stop what you're doing for 5 minutes, take a deep breath, and watch this video. And then share it widely. The world needs you more than ever. Thanks.