What If Hurricanes Were Named For Climate Change Deniers? (VIDEO)

What If Hurricanes Were Named For Climate Change Deniers?

Is it time to adopt a new naming system for hurricanes?

A new video from 350 Action proposes the World Meteorological Organization drop its pre-determined tropical cyclone list and name the storms for politicians who deny climate change.

Although "many" policymakers still engage in climate change denial, the group writes on an accompanying website, "The scientific community is in agreement: Climate change is the reason why we’re experiencing more and more frequent and intense weather, including extreme hurricanes and tropical storms."

The site also lists over 40 policymakers who "deny climate change and obstruct climate policy."

The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang critiqued the "odd" video campaign Monday, noting that the WMO only updates its cyclical list of storms when a name is "retired," and storms are only given first names.

The campaign might be more effective "if the stated goal was realistic," the Post's Jason Samenow wrote. Rising temperatures will bring more intense storms later this century, but man's impact on present hurricane intensity isn't yet certain.

This video may be new, but the idea isn't. Scientist and Pacific Institute co-founder Peter Gleick wrote in 2010:

I propose we name climate disasters after those who deny the reality of climate change in the face of incontrovertible scientific evidence. After all, why use generic names and tarnish all future Andrews, Betsys, Charleys, and Katrinas when we can remind ourselves that without these individuals' stubborn opposition in the face of all evidence, we and our children could have lived in a world where these events were far less prevalent.

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