Illinoisans Are Among the Swear-iest Americans

Illinois has its fair share of problems: mounting pension debt, a backlog of unpaid bills and unanswered questions about the future of the state's minimum wage and income tax. Illinoisans also have a unique way of expressing their frustration with these issues.

According to a March report from the Marchex Institute, there are five states whose residents don't swear much and five states whose residents tend to use curse words a lot. Guess which list Illinois is on?

The five states in the "Sailors" category were Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, and New Jersey. We note that the average Truth in Accounting estimate for "Taxpayer Burden" (a measure of state debt loads) for the five Sailor States comes to roughly $23,000, compared to just $7,600 for the five "Goody-Two Shoes" states. Illinois has the highest Taxpayer Burden in the "Sailors" category, at $42,200.

Check out this map illustrated with the country's colorful-language tendencies:


Learn more about why Illinoisans might be annoyed with their taxpayer burden at Reboot Illinois.

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