11 Inflatable Pools (For Kids and Adults) On Sale At Walmart

There’s still time to turn your backyard into a summer oasis (at a discount).
11 inflatable pools for adults and kids on sale at Walmart
11 inflatable pools for adults and kids on sale at Walmart

“Heat Waves” is more than a Glass Animals song that comes on the radio every 20 minutes. With temperatures across the country reaching breaking highs, even a casual stroll to grab an iced coffee can leave you drenched in sweat, no matter where in the U.S. you live.

Unless you want to spend the remaining summer days in a climate controlled environment, the solution to your sweaty woes comes down to two words: inflatable pools. Rest assured that these air-powered vessels aren’t just for kids (although there are some really great ones for little ones ahead). Many are big enough for a group of adults to enjoy without being on top of each other.

All the inflatable pools rounded up here — including options for both adults and kids — are on sale at Walmart. Cool down with these hot deals before they sell out for good.

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A rectangular sea-themed pool
This inflatable pool has a customer rating of 4.6 stars and measures about 6.5 feet in length. While you won’t exactly have room to swim laps, it is big enough for adults to comfortably sit in it and get some sweet relief from the heat.
An inflatable pool with unicorn sprinkler
Remember how fun it was to run through the sprinkler as a kid? With this almost 10-foot long pool, kids can enjoy a tickle of water while kicking back. A pretty sweet upgrade, wouldn’t you say?
A circular option that rivals a permanent pool
Sturdy and sizable, this 12-foot vessel is the next best thing to a permanent in-ground or above-ground pool. It comes with a filter pump to ensure your water stays clean. At $144, it’s more expensive than the others on this list, but it’s normally almost $253, so the reduced price is one to take advantage of.
An inflatable pool with plenty of seating
Having a seat with back support in your pool is especially beneficial if you like to read a book while submerging your lower half in water. This 7.3-foot wide basin will help you reach peak relaxation vibes in no time.
A shark-themed pool
Your very own shark tank! If you have kids, they’ll definitely want to hop into this 10-foot long toothy vessel. Bonus: It comes with a repair patch in case they get a little too rambunctious while splashing around.
A fruity inflatable splash pad
Behold: The ultimate kiddie pool. The watermelon slide even has a cushion at the bottom to ensure a soft landing. We bet your little ones will tire themselves out while exploring this citrus-themed water wonderland, which measures about 8 feet at the longest point.
Garden-themed pool play center
Another great pick for kids, this quaint pool measures roughly 9 feet in length and also comes with a built-in water slide, which can mist your little ones from an above thanks to a “rainbow” arch. The addition of flowers, butterflies and mushrooms makes for a pretty enchanting set-up.
A roomy pool with hot tub-style seating
If you’re looking to have a few friends over to kick back with a drink while cooling off, this 7-foot wide soaker is a solid summer buy. There are four designated seats, all with back support. This roomy option gives new meaning to the concept of “watering hole.”
A pool with added watersports
At a little over 8 feet long, this hoop-themed pool is significantly smaller than an actual court — but the addition of cool water and a basketball will bring plenty of summer fun, regardless of the vessel’s size.
Mermaid swimming pool
In addition to having a mermaid fin that doubles as a sprinkler, this 68-inch kiddie pool has blowholes dotting its entire perimeter. Your little one will feel like they’re surrounded by mini geysers as they splash around.
Candy-themed inflatable pool
Imagine sliding down a chocolate slide into a pool of jelly beans. Basically this is every little one’s dream. The best part? There’s no sticky mess with this splash pad, which measure about 9.5 feet lengthwise.

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