It Was the Economy, Stupid

Obama won a second term with an impressive victory!

Apparently he was able to overcome a bad economy, high unemployment, an incredibly inept foreign policy, a declining stock market, high taxes, failing banks, and the exploitation of small business.

He also overcame being a socialist, commie, marxist, born in Kenya, a Muslim warring against christianity, who associates with terrorists and refuses to show his college transcripts.

So, how did Obama get 332 electoral votes with such a horrendous record?

It was the economy, stupid!

Romney tried desperately to frame his run for the Presidency on our bad economy and repeatedly claimed "Obama didn't cause the recession, but he made it worse."

As the economy continued to recover the President's credibility and chances for reelection quietly improved. Hard as Romney tried to paint an economy that was woefully declining, monthly numbers were strengthening. With each improving month Romney's advantage of running on the economy faded.

President Obama won because an economy -- driven by Republicans to the lowest point since the Great Depression -- was recuperating, showing steady improvement, albeit slower than most would prefer.

Unemployment continued to decline as more Americans found work, especially in swing states. The private sector added jobs for 32 consecutive months while the public sector was losing them on all levels. The stock market climbed to new heights, and corporations were hoarding record profits.

With all that improvement Romney's team had to switch tack realizing his economic message was in irons. He changed his rhetoric from 'made it worse' to 'I can make it better.' But he changed positions on everything!

But for whom? Surely he couldn't make it better for the 47 percent he denigrated at a GOP fundraiser -- the people he scorned as takers and moochers -- referring to the retired and the elderly, to veterans and students as well as low income working-class people.

Could the self-proclaimed successful businessman make it better? Really?

Not with the economic plan he was proposing -- a vague compilation of generalizations devoid of actual numbers -- that looked like the failed Bush policies of the lost decade. His 5 point plan was a vacuous collection of hopes and unreachable assumptions. A closer look revealed his plan for 'growth' was actually austerity for most and growth for the few -- those that have done magnificently over the past decade -- the very rich!

Romney's credibility for becoming president was his business acumen, but, ultimately, his perceived advantage over Obama became his deficit.

Scrutinizing Romney's record at Bain Capital, exposed the business not as one of growth, but one of decay. Not one of job creation, but one of job destruction. And, as we found out during the primary and throughout his campaign, Romney and his business partners destroyed many lives while lining their greedy pockets.

Bain, like so many corporations in this country, is no patriotic partner in the health and well-being of this nation, is more likely to exploit hard-working Americans than enhance their 'pursuit of happiness.'

A majority of the people rejected Romney's claim that his business experience would make him better at handling the economy, nor by his proclamation that the President 'made it worse.'

Our economy's still improving but will begin to slow in the near future, not because of this administration's incompetence, policies, or lack of understanding of our economic situation, but because of intransigence.

Intransigence is responsible for our slow growth and inability to claw our way out of our economic morass. Evidence is available -- free of lies, sound bites, and political distortion.

Romney attempted to distract voters from the gains and what Republicans were doing, blocking any employment or economic legislation that would advance the economy.

Obama won eight out of nine swing states, the economy being a major factor in most of them. Only four of the nine states had higher unemployment rates in the September report than the national level of 7.9%, and all but Pennsylvania and New Hampshire had improved during the past year. So the improvement in jobs became an issue in the election.

But not in Romneyworld! He believes that Obama won by offering 'free stuff' to those who voted for him -- free medical coverage, student loans, and contraception.

No, Mitt! It was the economy that came back to bite you on the proverbial ass.

A global slowdown is threatening economies all over the world and the problem will hit the U.S. economy despite Obama's best efforts.

Thankfully, we reelected Obama and not Romney, whose economic policies "would have made it worse." His plan would have thrown us back into deep recession.

Reflecting on the outcome of this election...

It was the economy, stupid!