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Italian Summer Travel: Six Off-The-Beaten-Path Getaways

For a summer getaway, there are few places better than the Italian seaside. Great food, prime weather and small, picturesque towns welcome visitors from around the world.

Everyone knows about the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Venice. But to beat the crowds, summer like a true Italian and head to one of these smaller, more intimate beach towns.

1) Marettimo

italian summer travel

The first in a series of secret summer destinations, The Telegraph explored the island of Marettimo, off the coast of Sicily. With just one hotel and no cars, Marettimo is a true escape.

2) Livorno

italian summer escapes

A favorite of locals, Livorno offers some of the best beaches in Central Italy. Rocky beaches from Antignano down to Rosignano welcome sunbathers and adventurous swimmers. Adjacent beach towns boast boardwalks, where visitors can grab an espresso, gelato or a quick bite to eat.

3) Maremma

italian summer escapes

Another Tuscan favorite, just south of Livorno, Maremma offers the perfect variety of activity for a beach town. There are long beaches to relax on, seaside villages to explore, lush Tuscan hills to climb and the famous Saturnia natural thermal springs.

4) Sanremo

italian summer escapes

Sanremo, a Ligurian resort town known for its casino, sits on the Italian Riveria, just miles from the France-Italy boarder and nearby French Riveria towns like Nice and Monaco. The medieval town center, gardens and harbor offer plenty of activity and some of the best seafood in Italy.

5) Camogli

italian summer escapes

A tiny fishing village on Portofino peninsula, Camogli offers a reprieve from fast-paced life. Also situated on the Italian Riveria, near Genoa, this charming town would make a great, authentic getaway, or a stop along a tour of the Riveria.

6) Bari

italian summer escapes

For a more urban feel, head to Bari, the capital of the Puglia region in southeastern Italy. Bari is a large, urban seaside city with a castle, historic center and plenty of beaches to experience the Adriatic Sea.