Jamie Lee Curtis' Boast About 'Halloween' Opening Is Scary Good For Women

Curtis tweeted about the horror movie's breakthrough box office success.

“Halloween” made a killing at the box office, prompting its star, Jamie Lee Curtis, to cut right to the horror movie’s breakthroughs for women.

The 59-year-old actress, who reprised her character Laurie Strode in the classic slasher series, wrote on Sunday what she called a “boast post” after the film opened with an estimated $77.5 million over the weekend.

As reported by Variety, the flick had the best horror opening ever with a female lead and the highest-grossing debut for a movie with a female lead over 55.

Not to mention that it was the most profitable “Halloween” opening among the franchise’s 11 entries, and the second-highest debut for any film (in any genre) released in October.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson noticed, writing: “Raising the bar!!”

Curtis, whose Laurie takes on now-escaped mass murderer Michael Myers in what is billed as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original, had said in the clip above that she hoped the film would inspire more strong female leads in Hollywood. 

HuffPost critic Matthew Jacobs called the movie a “thrilling feminist frolic.” 



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