Jesse Watters' Mother Is 'Distraught' About Her Son's Views

"You have moved ever closer to that imaginary line that cannot be crossed," the Fox News host's mom admonished.

If you’ve ever been distraught by something that Fox News host Jesse Watters said, you’re not alone. Apparently, his mother feels the same way.

In a segment on “The Five” on Wednesday, Watters featured texts from his mother, whom he calls a “liberal Democrat,” critiquing his performance on the show.

“When you are good you are so very very good and when there is a performance like last night’s I become so distraught that you have moved ever closer to that imaginary line that cannot be crossed,” his mom wrote in one text.

“Please don’t become a talking head that is predictable ... your colleagues roll their eyes and grown [sic] aloud with their pre-game knowledge of what your position and point is going to be,” reads another. 

Watters is best known for his connection to ex-Fox host Bill O’Reilly and the guerilla-style video series that launched with O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” The series, “Watters World,” featured Watters interrogating the homeless and making blatantly racist remarks, among other things. After Fox News ended its two-decade partnership with O’Reilly amid sexual misconduct allegations, Watters switched to “The Five” as a co-host.

In addition to his bizarre interviewing tactics and racism, Watters has taken fire for possibly outing college coeds when he “covered” a party at Brown University, and for being an active climate-change denier.

Watters’ mother, along with his father and sister, have spoken out against their extremely conservative family member before, including in a letter explaining why they walked in the Women’s March in January.

“I feel both blessed and deeply appreciative that in this country I can march ... for equality and dignity and justice,” Watters’ mother wrote in the letter. “I think that women in particular, in light of so many statements made throughout the campaign, are at risk regarding rights, safety and basic liberties.”

It’s certainly not easy when your political views are drastically different than your family members, so we can only imagine holidays at the Watters household are probably not a great time to discuss current events. 

Still, we hope Mrs. Watters keeps up her messages. Someone has to be the family voice of reason.



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