Jim Carrey Painting Shows 'Calvin' Peeing On Donald Trump's Grave

Stream of consciousness?

Jim Carrey just took his contempt for President Donald Trump to the imagined bitter end.

A new work posted Thursday by the comedy actor-turned-artist features what appears to be Calvin from the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic urinating on Trump’s grave. And with a pun.

“Oh how I urine for this all to be over!” the “Mask” star captioned his picture. 

Calvin mischievously peeing in various scenarios has become a meme over the years.

Carrey in recent months has been painting what he sees as the dumb and dumber aspects of Trump and his administration ― and this isn’t the first time the comedian has used pee-pee in his attacks.

In early May, Carrey featured Trump’s personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein commenting on the deliciousness of the president’s urine sample after Bornstein said Trump once dictated a letter about his “extraordinary” health.

Trump has also has been the subject of speculation that he once ordered prostitutes to urinate on a bed that then-President Barack Obama previously slept in.



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