J.K. Rowling Reveals What Her Horcrux Would Be (If She Had To Make One)

And it's pretty much as adorable as you'd expect.

Dear, sweet J.K. Rowling would never want to make a horcrux, of course.

The deed -- if you remember from the Harry Potter book series -- is accomplished through murder, which splits a wizard's soul apart, allowing him to conceal a portion of it in an object of his choosing. Lord Voldemort, being a horrible git, created seven of them to achieve immortality. 

So, yes, Rowling would never want to make a horcrux. But if she did, we learned via Twitter on Friday, it'd probably be a tea bag.

Aww, Joanne. The author revealed her choice on the social media platform in a discussion with fans on tea-brewing. For the uncultured heathens non-Brits out there: Heat the kettle, not the mug. Add one tea bag per person, and one for the pot. Milk goes in last.

And never underestimate Rowling's Twitter presence -- she's notoriously good at responding to fans. Especially if you've got a good pun.


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