Joe Scarborough Tears Into Chris Christie Over 'Stupid' Gun Control Arguments

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough excoriated New Jersey Chris Christie on Tuesday for refusing to meet with the parents of Sandy Hook victims after he vetoed a gun control bill.

The bill would have limited gun magazines to 10 rounds, and Christie defended the decision, saying that the limit "just makes no sense to me."

“Are we saying then that the 10 children on the clip that they advocate for, that their lives are less valuable?” he said on Monday. “If you take the logical conclusion of their argument, you go to zero, because every life is valuable.” He also said that he felt it would be "hypocritical" to meet with Sandy Hook parents because he had already made up his mind on the legislation.

On Tuesday's "Morning Joe," Scarborough criticized the governor's decision.

"It was painful watching Chris Christie talking about somehow limiting clips to ten bullets means that you don't care about the ten children that would be killed by those ten bullets," Scarborough said. "That is just one of the stupidest arguments I think I've ever heard."

The MSNBC host compared Christie to Senator Ted Cruz, who he said had "the respect" to meet with Sandy Hook parents and explain his view on gun control.

"I think Ted Cruz can sit there and articulate why he would oppose this gun law," Scarborough later added. "I don't think Chris Christie can."

"It's complete expediency," he continued. "This guy has been damaged by this bridge story and in a weak position and I don't think he was in any place to defend a veto that I personally don't think he agrees with but did it for the purposes of primary politics in early Republican states."