Brutal Memes Mock Joel Osteen Over His Hurricane Harvey Response

The Houston pastor is now the poster boy for how not to act in a crisis.

Pastor Joel Osteen has gone viral in all the wrong ways.

The Houston megachurch leader has seen his name trend repeatedly in the days since Hurricane Harvey brought floods to the city, in large part because his 16,500-seat Lakewood Church wasn’t open to those seeking shelter.

Osteen insisted there were “safety issues” caused by the flooding, but he also said it was because the church was never asked by the city to become a shelter.

If they would have asked us to become a shelter early on, we would have prepared for it,” he told NBC’s “Today” on Wednesday.

That excuse that didn’t fly for many, given that local mosques and many other places took action without waiting to be asked.

His church’s Harvey response has led to Osteen becoming the star of a new meme... and he’s probably not going to like it.

Here are some of the images and quotes circulating on social media:

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