Jon Stewart Mocks Mark Halperin's Obama Gaffe, Willie Geist's Disapproving Glare (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: Halperin Gaffe 'One Of The Greatest Things I've Ever Seen'

Jon Stewart spent the first part of Thursday night's "Daily Show" addressing the week's second-biggest media story (after Glenn Beck's last hurrah, of course): Mark Halperin calling the President of the United States "a d*ck" on national TV.

Declaring it may be "one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life," Stewart was amazed at how brazen Halperin was with his words on Wednesday's "Morning Joe," especially how he basically asked for permission to be vulgar:

"This wasn't like a spontaneous, I-can't-contain-myself, 'You lie' kind of thing; this was 'Do you guys have a delay? Because I'm going to call the President a d*ck'."

While pundits debated whether or not Halperin crossed a line or what his actions possibly say about the state of journalism today, Stewart was more interested in his incredibly awkward apology "chaperoned" by MSNBC regular Willie Geist.

Geist's disapproving glare got such a rise out of Stewart, he suggested he sit in on every on-air apology from now on. Why? Stewart described why he has the perfect look:

"It is a perfect mix of disappointment, it has a dash of sadness, a smidgen of disbelief, all with just a hint of 'Why the f**k am I in this shot?!"


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