Jon Stewart Rips Bill O'Reilly Over Hypocrisy On Privacy (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ripped Bill O'Reilly on Monday night's "Daily Show" over his hypocritical stance on privacy.

O'Reilly, whose producers proudly ambush anyone who disagrees with him, has taken up as one of his pet causes the privacy of celebrities stalked by paparazzi.

"I think my favorite part about 'The Factor' is that they have no trouble reconciling their defense of celebrities' right to privacy with their intimidation of everyone else," Stewart said, showing unedited footage of O'Reilly segueing from an ambush of the Columbia Journalism Review editor on a city bus to outrage over "these vicious paparazzi."

"Coming up on 'The Factor,' cognitive dissonance," Stewart said.

Stewart then showed a clip of O'Reilly defending celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie against paparazzi followed by footage of one of his producers with a camera in Jolie's face after she reportedly banned Fox News from one of her movie premieres.

"The next time you're caught going through your ex-girlfriend's garbage and the police come to take you away, just tell them old Bill O'Reilly sent you," he said.


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