Jon Stewart: Media 'Pretending Ron Paul Doesn't Exist' In GOP Race (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Accuses Media Of Ignoring Ron Paul

On Monday night's "Daily Show" Jon Stewart picked up where he left off on Thursday with the Iowa Straw Poll, this time having the results to mock. With Tea Partier Michele Bachmann taking the win, Texas Governor Rick Perry joining the race and Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty dropping out, Stewart had his plate full.

But the person he spent the most time talking about is the one GOP presidential candidate almost no one's talking about: Libertarian/Republican Ron Paul. Stewart wonders why the media doesn't seem to be acknowledging that he's even in the race, despite his doing well in recent polls.

As Stewart shows with a slew of clips, the GOP's current "Top Tier" candidates depend on which network you're watching, but for the most part contain Mitt Romney, Bachmann and Perry. A few pundits even said not to count out Jon Huntsman or Rick Santorum -- but hardly anyone mentions Ron Paul.

"Rick Santorum? He didn't get half of what Ron Paul got. He lost to the guy who lost so bad he dropped out of the race!" Stewart said.

According to Jon the media has been "Pretending Ron Paul doesn't exist" for weeks now. Watch the full segment below to see how he's become the "13th Floor" of candidates, how Fox News treats him like a crazy uncle, and how the media's exclusion of him doesn't exactly fit with the people's opinion.


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