Watch Trump Fans Get Trolled Into Saying What They Really Think

The president's supporters didn't seem to realize they were being filmed for Comedy Central.

“Don’t trust anybody who’s talking to a camera,” warns Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper, who of course says it right into a camera. 

Maybe supporters of Donald Trump should have heeded the warning before they spoke to Klepper and his camera at a rally for the president in Phoenix last month.

A former “Daily Show” correspondent, Klepper is about to launch a new show called “The Opposition,” where he appears to take on the role of a faux right-wing conspiracy theorist. In the clip above, Trump supporters take his bait, ranting against the media, Barack Obama, and of course, Hillary Clinton

Filmed more than nine months after the election, some Trump supporters were still decked out in anti-Clinton clothing, shouting anti-Clinton slogans and calling for her to be jailed or “buried.” Some were even willing to sign a petition to impeach Clinton from an office she doesn’t actually hold. 

Check it out above.  

“The Opposition” debuts on Sept. 25. 




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