Justin Bieber Sued Over Loudness Of Concert: Mother Who Attended Wants $9.2 Million

Justin Bieber is the target of a new $9.2 million lawsuit. Stacey Wilson Betts is suing the singer for allegedly wreaking havoc on her ears.

The case, filed Wednesday and first reported by E! News, alleges Betts' hearing was damaged after she attended a July 2010 show with her daughter. She also claims to have suffered tinnitus and hyperacusis -- ringing in the ears and hypersensitivity to sound, respectively.

Betts also named Def jam (Bieber's record label) and a concert promoter in the case. Her more specific allegation is that Bieber created a "sound blast" when he hovered over the crowd in a floating steel gondola and demanded the audience (doubtless made of primarily of very excited young ladies) to scream. According to Betts, that was a moment of gross negligence.

Bieber made off well last year, coming in second in Forbes' list of highest-paid entertainers under 30. The 18-year-old raked in a strong $55 million and was topped only by Taylor Swift, who edged him out with $57 million. He was recently pulled over after police spotted him speeding flying down California's 101 highway. Bieber says he was evading hyper-aggressive paparazzi.

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