Kennedy Family Makes St. Patrick's Day Visit To The White House Without RFK Jr.

Kennedy's sister praised President Biden while sharing a photo from the gathering.

When the Kennedy family visited the White House this St. Patrick’s Day, one notable person was missing.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not join fellow members of the Irish American political dynasty for a photo op with President Joe Biden on Sunday.

Signaling the family’s support for the Democratic incumbent, and not Kennedy’s independent campaign for president, his sister Kerry Kennedy posted a photo of the president and dozen of Kennedys to X and wrote, “President Biden, you make the world better. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Biden responded, saying, “From one proud Irish family to another — it was good to have you all back at the White House.”

While Sunday’s meeting with Biden wasn’t a direct condemnation of RFK, four of his siblings Kerry, Rory Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy II and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend publicly denounced his candidacy in a searing statement last fall.

“The decision of our brother Bobby to run as a third party candidate against Joe Biden is dangerous to our country,” it began.

“Bobby might share the same name as our father, but he does not share the same values, vision or judgment,” the statement went on. “Today’s announcement is deeply saddening for us. We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country.”

The second-born son of late politician Robert F. Kennedy, RFK Jr. has tried to draw from his family’s name and legacy to legitimize a campaign chock full of fringe views.

An ardent vaccine skeptic whose profile got a major boost during the coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy has also pushed conspiracies that the CIA assassinated his uncle President John F. Kennedy, has falsely linked antidepressants to school shootings and claimed, without evidence, there is a connection between gender dysphoria and chemical exposure.

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