Kids Tell Illustrator What They Think God Looks Like, Hilarity Ensues

"God may be angry right now."

Children have some amazing ideas about what the Almighty might look like.

Seattle-based video company Cut asked illustrator Koji Minami to bring to life some of the creative and bizarre ways kids describe God. From a Santa-like man in the clouds to a hybrid frog-lion beast, Minami illustrated some truly diverse visions of divinity.

One child envisioned a god who fought demons from Mars and hung out with his mom, Jesus, a one-eyed hexagon. Another youngster ― a self-proclaimed atheist ― playfully described God as a buff, many-armed bodybuilder who weight-trained with bundles of sinners. More than one of the kids’ descriptions included male genitalia.

Behold, God!
Behold, God!

“Oh man what have we done,” said one kid, looking at the strange creature his imagination had brought forth. “God may be angry right now. I’m sorry God!”

Some declared they were certain of God’s existence, while others said they were sure it was a fiction. When one child asked Minami what he believed, the artist replied, “I believe in the concept of a higher power.” The kid looked at the camera with consternation and said: “What? What does that mean?”

Minami shared some sweet moments with the children, discussing the possibility of a divine presence that no one fully understands but many wonder about.

“Everybody is kind of related in some way,” one kid mulled, “cause they came from God.”

Check out the adorable video above.

Kids Draw God