Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries Wants Engagement Ring Back

Kim Kardashian's Ex Wants Engagement Ring Back: Report

Kris Humphries wants his engagement bling back.

According to Radar Online, the 27-year-old basketball player wants Kim Kardashian to return the engagement ring he gave her -- a 20-karat diamond which reportedly cost 2 million dollars.

"Kris wants the ring back because the marriage only lasted 72 days and he believes it was based on fraud and deceit," an unnamed source reportedly told the website. "Remember, Kim filed for divorce. Kris paid for that ring, and he just can't fathom why Kim would want to keep it. It's not like she is ever going to wear it again. Kris realizes that with Kim it's all about material objects and she truly treasures things over people in her life."

According to the site's sources, Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, was referring to the ring when she mentioned a dispute over jewelry during a brief hearing last Friday. At the hearing, Humphries's legal team said they needed more time to gather information to determine whether they would pursue allegations that the couple's short-lived marriage was a fraud, the Associated Press reported. Both sides are set to return to court on Aug. 15 for a status hearing.

Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries in October 2011, just 72 days after their estimated $10 million dollar wedding.

But from a legal perspective, is Humphries entitled to the engagement ring? In November 2011, celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told the Huffington Post that it depends on the circumstances with which it was given.

"An engagement ring is a gift of contemplation, a contemplation of marriage. If the marriage takes place it a completed gift," he said. "If it doesn't take place, the prospective husband has an argument to get the ring back. But this marriage took place. I think there is also a question of who bought the ring?... For all we know, maybe this whole thing was for show."

The fought-over sparkler is a stunner, but is it the most enviable engagement ring that a celebrity's ever received? Click through the slideshow below to test your knowledge of famous engagement rings.

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