Krewella Poised For Epic Year With New 'Ammunition' EP And Fall Tour

The EDM sister duo is back after the public departure of former band mate Kris Trindl.

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, the electropunk sister duo known as Krewella, released their new EP, "Ammunition," Friday -- their first release since 2013's "Get Wet." 

Led by the cathartic new track "Beggars," the EP greets listeners with the heavy drum and bass drops that will sound familiar to fans (metal band Diskord graces "Beggars," too). But "Ammunition" marks a transition for the sisters, who have incorporated many alt-rock and grunge elements into their high-energy electro-dance sounds, creating a fusion of styles aiming to bring the rock to the rave. 

Krewella stopped by The Huffington Post on Wednesday to discuss their new EP and everything that's coming up for them in 2016 in a Facebook Live interview. 

The past few years have been difficult for the sisters. The contentious departure of fellow Krewella member Kris "Rain Man" Trindl sparked many challenges for Jahan and Yasmine. The sisters faced misogynistic comments from their male peers and a lawsuit from Trindl, who claimed he was unfairly ousted from the group.

Just last month, Yasmine released an emotionally charged and incredibly passionate video titled "Love, Yazzy" to the group's fans, known affectionately as the Krew, airing out everything they've confronted over the past years. 

But the six tracks that make up "Ammunition," while reflective of the past and the journey they've taken to get here, underscored the sisters' desire to square up their future and attack it. The energy infused into each track is infectious, the message inspiring and the melding of their vocals with so many different sounds and influences is masterful. 

Their year doesn't stop there. Expect more music throughout the year and be sure to catch them in the fall on their Sweatbox Tour.

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