Lady Gaga In Esquire: Shows Butt, Gets Racy (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga In Esquire: Shows Butt, Gets Racy (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga's old friend Brendan Sullivan wrote a piece about her early days for Esquire's 'Women We Love' issue. He says she knew from the beginning where she was headed:

Back in the summer of 2007, there was a night when she popped out of a cake and sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" for my then boss, the owner of Beauty Bar Manhattan. It was fitting, somehow -- the Marilyn reference. I'll quote something she said to me one day around that time as directly as I can: "No one in the world knows who I am, but they are going to want to know who I am. My first time ever on TV I want to be on a huge show where I play one song. I'm going to come out onstage in my underwear and show the world that here I am and I don't give a ffffuck what anyone thinks of me."

There are also some never-before-seen photos, including those below of Gaga "trying to figure out the difference between showing 'ass' and showing 'cheek,'" and mounting a woman from behind.


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