Lady Gaga

In contrast to her 2019 formal duet with Bradley Cooper, Gaga opted for a minimalist approach when taking the stage this year.
The "Poker Face" singer reacted to commotion behind her at the Academy Awards.
Jennifer McBride was sentenced to two years probation after she was arrested in connection with stealing the singer's French bulldogs in 2021.
Artists That Performed At The Super Bowl Halftime Show Over The Years
The gunman, who also stole the French bulldogs, has taken a plea deal.
"getting botox not for aging reasons but to stop my face from being able to react to things before my brain gets a chance to weigh in"
Many suspect Lady Gaga will star as the next iteration of the bat-wielding clown after the pop star announced she’d be in the “Joker” sequel.
The 13-time Grammy winner offered an emotional apology to fans after violent weather brought the final night of her Chromatica Ball Tour to an abrupt halt.
Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande’s Weather Report | Good Vibes Only
The object thrown at the singer by a fan appears to be a popular stuffed doll.