Lady Gaga

The gunman, who also stole the French bulldogs, has taken a plea deal.
"getting botox not for aging reasons but to stop my face from being able to react to things before my brain gets a chance to weigh in"
Many suspect Lady Gaga will star as the next iteration of the bat-wielding clown after the pop star announced she’d be in the “Joker” sequel.
The 13-time Grammy winner offered an emotional apology to fans after violent weather brought the final night of her Chromatica Ball Tour to an abrupt halt.
Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande’s Weather Report | Good Vibes Only
The object thrown at the singer by a fan appears to be a popular stuffed doll.
"There’s some s**t that’s more important than show business," the pop icon told the crowd after she paused her Washington, D.C., concert.
The upcoming movie, “Joker: Folie à Deux," will reportedly be a musical, but there's no word on whether the singer will be playing Harley Quinn.
Jaylin White pleaded no contest to second-degree robbery in the 2021 shooting of the superstar's dog walker and theft of her French bulldogs.
A gunman shot the pop singer’s dog walker and stole two of her French bulldogs.