Lady Gaga

The heirs to the luxury fashion brand publicly slammed the new film starring Lady Gaga as an "insult" to their family.
The “House of Gucci” star also explained why she wore a bulletproof vest to President Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.
The singer said she experienced "psychological difficulty" in the final stages of filming because of her extreme commitment to the role.
The music legend, who starred in the '70s remake of the film, said she thought the latest version was the "wrong idea."
The singer’s son emphasized that Bennett's talent is still present, but the family doesn’t want to risk an onstage accident.
The duo's jazzy version of “I Get a Kick Out of You” will appear on "Love for Sale," which is being billed as Bennett's last studio release.
The hotly anticipated crime drama, which also stars Adam Driver and Jared Leto, hits theaters on Nov. 24.
The Ridley Scott film will explore one of the most scandalous crimes in Italian history.
"This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics and no one can convince me otherwise," a fan tweeted after seeing Jordan's martial arts master Julyana Al-Sadeq.
The "Friends" alum shared a secret about her "Smelly Cat" duet with Lady Gaga with Ellen DeGeneres.
The actor and the pop superstar performed a remixed duet of the fan-favorite song at the "Friends" reunion special.
The Duke of Sussex discussed his own anxiety, therapy and coping techniques for the series, which debuted last week.
Mayor Lindsey Horvath praised the singer for "encouraging us to love ourselves and be proud" ahead of Pride Month.
The 35-year-old shared her story in the premiere episode of “The Me You Can’t See," a docuseries focused on mental health.
Five people — including the woman who returned the pop star’s French bulldogs to police — were charged Thursday.
"They are stealing the identity of a family to make a profit," Patrizia Gucci said of "House of Gucci," which also stars Adam Driver and Al Pacino.
The 2013 album catapulted to the top of the charts after Gaga's fans pushed to get the B-sides released.
Time zone differences aside, Grande wasn't about to let Gaga sleep through their "Rain on Me" triumph.
The pop icon shared a wintry photo from the Italian set of her new movie and drew comparisons to Chris Evans, "Schitt's Creek" and even Bernie Sanders.